Mary Ann Nunez

"About" Mary Ann Nuñez

Legendary Dancer, multi Dance Champion, International Judge / Instructor, Hall of Fame Inductee

          Mary Ann Nunez is tiny, totally hip, and is rated as one of "the best West Coast Swing dance professionals in the World today."She’s an energetic presence on the workshop and competition dance floor at major dance events across the country and internationally too!.

   Mary Ann has always loved to listen to music and watch dancing on TV, even as a child but never had the opportunity to take jazz, ballet or any dance training. She would love to watch her older sisters dance and do their thing. She has legendary swing dancers in her family which are her late Aunt and Uncle: 'Tony and Natalie Esparza.' She also has a brother (Louis) who has done very well in West Coast Swing dance competitions and a sister that lives in Georgia and teaches line dances for seniors, wedding dances at She also has another sister that she enjoys playing card games and board games with. Mary Ann has two sons who now have families of their own giving her 'Grandkids' who she loves and adores.

   Her first time dancing was in 1981 at a country bar called the 'Cowboy' in Anaheim, California with the Country Two-Step and she was hooked (Little did she know she would later become a dominate figure in the swing dance world.). Later, she even got her older brother Louis and sister Julia into the swing of things. In 1983 she happened to be having dinner at 'Bobby McGees' in Newport Beach, California and by her surprise she saw her Aunt Natalie and Uncle Tony dancing who she hadn’t seen for a long time and her Aunt introduced her to all the Great Legendary Dancers there. It was here that she learned to 'swing dance' with all these great dancers who were there at the time. This gave her a great education into the real world of swing with its history and these legends.

   For about 6 months Mary Ann was swinging with all of them. That’s when dance legend 'Dean Collins' asked her to be on his dance group for the Steve Allen Television Special titled 'In The Swing' and partnered her up with Lance Shermoen. Neither knew of each other prior to this but what a paring it turned out to be. The two agreed to partner up and went on to win numerous contests (including 2 time winners of the 'U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships' held in Anaheim and 2nd place on 'Dance Fever') plus performing together at various locations locally. Dean Collins helped choreograph the first routine in 1983 and dance legend Kenny Wetzel in 1984. Mary Ann retired 'undefeated' from 'Showcase Dancing' with Lance after 1984 but continued to enter and place 1st place in many Jack & Jill contests.

    All though retired from the competition circuit since 2014, she still actively teaches and judges at Dance Events and Clubs plus works with Competitors through Coaching and Choreography.

    Mary Ann’s trademark is her detailed and impressive musical interpretations, her super-human following ability and classic style down to the most minuscule flurry or background beat while looking classy and like a lady the whole time. Whatever the music is doing, you’ll see her feet, body isolations and motions reflecting it in perfect timing and rhythm.

   She is a master at many styles of dance, not just West Coast Swing and has many years of teaching and competing in West Coast Swing, East Coast Flying Lindy, Carolina Shag, St. Louis Shag, Balboa, Country-Western, Wedding Dances, Line dances such as the Electric Slide, Motion Study Line Dances and her Footwork Specialty Line Dances, Night Club Two-Step, The Monterey, Salsa, etc. Mary Ann now lives in Garden Grove, California, and she’s wildly popular on the competition & dance event workshop circuit, both here and abroad. However, she has had to limit her traveling abroad due to her 'Real-Estate investing' business at home.

   Oh, and Mary Ann’s family has a family owned & operated authentic Mexican restaurant called El Comal (aka Rene's.) in Poway, California, great food and great Margaritas ... if in the area check it out!

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  • From Garden Grove and a native of California.
  • My favorite recreational thing to do (besides dancing) is playing board and card games and outside skill games with family and friends.
  • 'Can you believe my first car was a Falcon'! ... (Have you even heard of one?).
  • I have two sons and seven beautiful grandchildren.
  • I love the color Red.
  • My favorite foods are all American foods and of course Mexican food along with all kinds of fruit or veggie smoothies.